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Dark Elf Pillars

Why? Because it reminds me Dark Elves, no idea why, probably because of colors.
And why thehe colors? Because we - I and my friend - decided to do a little challenge where we first choose few colors we can only use and then make an art with them.
And here it is!
I have to say I enjoyed it and looks like we could do it again and invite more people.
Wanna join?
And now more to painting itself. At first I started making a sketch in Procreate, but I had little problems with composition and with properly use of colors. But in the process I was able to make some changes which looks really nice in the final. Yeah, I still think about some things I could change or add. But it looks not so bad!
And one more thing!
In the foreground you can see vegetation I made myself. Actually these are new brushes I'm creating right now, and plan to release them in my store, so stay tunned!