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Commission Album Cover Celestial Dream

After long time I made some space art. It's a commission for Mark, he is amazing Retrowave maker and he wanted create cover for his upcomming album. So I made this! I'm happy he likes it and I must say, I'm really good, haha!

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Mark Said: "I had a vision for my album when I asked Michal to make the artwork, what he provided was above and beyond anything I could have envisioned and his art took my production to another level, they say a picture says a thousand words, and Michals art can say more than I ever could, such a visual delight that really speaks for itself, such a wonderful talent and a pleasure to work with, every stage of the project was handled with ease, I can't speak highly enough of Michal and his professionalism, if you need artwork, then you need Michal."

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Michal kvac commission celestial dream cover small
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Official Cover