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New Port City

Uuuuh, most intense detailed conrete jungle is here!
I mean yes, I made bigger cityscapes in time, but never with so much detailed buildings in foreground. Mostly with two or three, or five to six.
My pre-made buildings templates are so amazing, it makes my work faster and I can edit them as I need easily, even in the painting itself. I have currently 29 different sides (Building are made with two sides, then used deformation in scenes).

And maybe you ask: "why is it so empty?" And I have simple answer: I wanted it more dystopian and originaly in rain weather. But well, moon it is! And I also tried to add character- I had an idea to use my V character from the CP77. But I like it more without it. What do you think about this decision?

Hope you like it, enjoy!

Will be in October 2023 Patreon reward batch!