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Rocky Grassland

After tornado apocalypse in my region I finaly was able finish another work. Even it was tens kilometers away, it still hits me, because South Moravia means a lot to me since It's my home, so my thoughts were little out of reality.

Anyway, here is the piece! Hope you like it!
An imaginary world of rocky field in grassland on non-Sol planet with huge mountain pillars in the distance. The planet is orbiting around a star with its twin. The atmosphere is breathable and very Earth-like, just little thinnier because of gravitation of planet twin. The vegetation is mostly simple grass know from Earth. Fauna isn't vast, but present and more in smaller sizes. Flying creatures are slightly bigger than eagles, but weaker and faster because of less pressure and smaller gravitation on planet. Weather is mostly calm with short rains. Oceans and rivers are present, but most of water are under surface. North and south poles are frozen and with snow, no desert.