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Massive Castle

This work was hard. First it started with grayscale doodling on laptop, in nature on my like-vacation. Then I finished it on my pc in home. But after that I noticed I could add some more details. So after shopping I was going to finish it better. And here is the catch. My stupid ass saved the work in 20% of it's size. So everyhting I worked hard on was almost gone...-!!

I say almost, because -thank god- I saved process steps and one before final effects. So I was able to make perfectly sharp detailed copies of full size and even 8K and 4K wallpapers.
I knew I will make this mistake sometimes, but damn god know why just when I worked so hard... Anyway, I'm glad I could fix it, just it's sad the PSD version is useless , but I hope you like the final paiting!

Will be in August 2023 Patreon reward batch!