What I do

Fantasy and scifi landscapes and cityscapes or combination of both. I do book covers, album cover, my personaly works are wallpaper for desktop and phones. I work in Photoshop.

Size and Ratio

All works are made in 6K (5760 x 3240 pixels) if 16:9, 4320px when 1:1. The ratio can be changed, but the complete size equivalent must be similiar as 6K or similar.

What you get

Every commissioner will get full size image, process steps, PSD file and all exclusive commercial rights for any project. The finished product can be also edited or sold as any product.


The base price starts on $150 per art. Is possible to have a wallpaper, poster or cover art from one work for the same price.


I use Paypal. And I always want the first half of payment after we agree on the sketch. The rest of payment after delivered finished work, then I will send rest of the files.

How to contact me

My email and also paypal account is If you are interested, send me also link of my work you like to have better vision what you are exacly looking for.

I'm looking forward to work with you!

Where to follow me: